A documentary about three of the most loyal and at the same time most violent football fan groups in the world and their part in the current political protests in Turkey. Fans of the football-clubs Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas are commonly known for their hooligan-activities during games and their extreme rivalry. This is what makes Istanbul United’s subject matter all the more astonishing: during the protest movement in Istanbul’s Gezi park, these ultras banded together to pass on their knowledge about barricades and teargas to the protesters, and to fight against the police side by side.

PiXiU FILMS is the Swiss co-producer of the film, together with the German producers Nippes Yard Productions and Port-au-Prince Kulturproduktion.

A film by Olli Waldhauer and Farid Eslam
Production: Tina Schöpkewitz, Nippes Yard Production & Laurin Merz, PiXiU FILMS GmbH
Finished in 2014



Istanbul Film Festival, 12.04.2014

Filmfest München, 02.07.2014

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 10.07.2014

Raindance Film Festival London, 26.09.2014


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