Erwin Mürner moves fluently between reality and whimsical vision. He is a filmmaker, dreamer, UFO observer and fantast. He shares his beliefs with fellow pensioners at exclusive film nights. But his acting and thinking do not get unmitigated approval, but rather disapproval and scepticism with the general public. Yet Erwin Mürner continues doggedly on his path.

He protects himself from mistrust and criticism by withdrawing into his own universe. His apartement is a manifestation of this process of shutting himself off from the world. Inside his own four walls, he enacts his fantasies with conviction and love.

However whimsical Erwin Mürner’s inner world might be – are obsessions, absurd as they may be, not meaningful in themselves? Are they not incentive and offer opportunities to draw back into our own inner world, to imagine the world different from our everyday. And is there not a little “Mürner” in all of us?

Doc 83′
Director: Jonas Meier
Production: ZweiHund GmbH, SRF, PiXiU FILMS GmbH
First screened in 2010