To guess which well-known individual belongs to which song list was already a source of entertainment during the episodes of TONSPUR. This idea has now been developed further – our team now consists of three music experts. Expert Loretta Stern, expert Schmidt (aka Smudo, part of Fantaschischen Vier) and expert Tim Renner now hunker over a list with eight of their subject’s favourite songs and guess their identity with surprising accuracy.

They get one hint, and one hint only: the colour of their subject’s hair, their trademark clothes or a detail of the guest’s life. Sometimes this removes all doubt, sometimes it creates new questions.

At the same time, our host Paula Lambert talks to the guests about their choice of songs and how they intersected with their lives. We learn of parties in basements, scratched records and well-worn cassettes. Stories from the guest’s childhood, adulthood and the feeling that music is part of every major event in our lives accompany the talk.


Broadcast 2013 & 2014

18 episodes, 25-50 minutes

Directors: Laurin Merz, Reto Caduff

Production: PiXiU FILMS

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Das Team - v.l.n.r. Tim Renner, Paula Lambert, Smudo, Loretta Stern

The Team – left to right: Tim Renner, Paula Lambert, Smudo, Loretta Stern

Gaeste Staffel 1 Playlist


Gaeste Staffel 2 Playlist