If the stayers of Zurich were a species, they would be an endangered one. Only half a dozen teams bike laps with up to 70 km/h every Tuesday in summer on the bike circuit in Zurich Oerlikon – in front of a meagre, but all the more ravenous audience. The “Schrittmacher” – pacemaker – pushes the air in front of the biker – the stayer – who goes to his limits and beyond. Standing on his motorbike, the pacemaker has the overview, analyses the race and creates a strategy. He, not the biker, decides whether to attack, defend or withdraw. They win together, but lose together as well.


The stayers of Zurich are in danger of becoming extinct not just because there are only a few of them left or because pacemakers and audience age more and more. The primary danger is that their playground, the Offene Radrennbahn (open bike circuit) is standing in the middle of booming Zurich Oerlikon – its estimated value is 50 million Swiss francs. The city, owner of the site, has been thinking about selling for a long time.

The film about the possibly last stayers of Zurich is therefore, too, a filmic testament to the Zurich of old.


Doc 9’

Director: Adrian Winkler

Produced 2012

Produced by PiXiU FILMS CH



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